Internal Medicine

 Residency Call Schedule

We utilize four-week block rotations of Night Float. Residents assigned to this rotation work Sunday through Thursday 1730 to 0700. One senior and two interns provide continuity coverage for housestaff patients as well as admit new patients.

Friday and Saturday nights are covered by residents on rotations such as electives or ambulatory. Interns generally have 4 weekends of call scattered throughout the year, R2s generally have 3 weekends, and R3s have 2 weekends.

There are significant advantages to the Night Float system:

  • The resident concentrates 20 nights of call (in many programs these are scattered throughout an academic year) into a single block without having daytime responsibilities
  • Continuity of patient care improves by having the night float team familiar with housestaff patients for the month and participating in twice daily transitions of care sign-out.


R1 R2 R3
Night float 4 weeks 4 weeks 1-2 weeks
ICU night float
4 weeks n/a n/a