Graduate Medical Education

Resident Salaries 2020

Salary levels are established annually by the Graduate Medical Education Committee and are the same for all residents. Cost of living adjustments are made each year based on rate of inflation.

Year        Salary

R1                   $58,220
R2                  $60,513
R3                  $62,999
R4                  $65,698
R5                  $68,442


  • 20 days vacation for R1s with 5 of those days assigned as the last week of internship.

  • 20 days vacation for R2, R3 and R4’s.

  • Vacation time is pro-rated if a resident works less than full time.

  • Weekends are not counted as vacation days.

  • Vacation expires at the end of each training year.

Education Materials

  • Categorical program residents will receive $500 ($150 for Transitional Year Residents) to spend for educational resources (this may include an iPad and/or text or phone apps, online resources or books) as approved by the residency program director.


  • BLS

  • ACLS certification

  • USMLE Step III or COMLEX III exam

  • Other certifications may be paid for depending on program


Insurance is provided through Providence Health and Services. 

Three plans are available so that health/vision/dental insurance can be customized for resident and their family’s needs.

  • Basic Life and AD&D Insurance (2x salary) free to resident with additional coverage available for purchase

  • Long Term Disability free to resident with additional coverage available for purchase

  • Variety of retirement plans

  • Professional Liability Insurance

Sick Leave

  • 5 days per academic year, which may carry forward, but is not compensable at the end of your program.

Mental Health Resources

Organizational Memberships

  • 1nformation for 2021-2022 year coming soon

Resident Perks

  • $3,000 meal compensation per year at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

  • Free parking at hospitals/clinic

  • Two monogrammed white coats

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