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Letter from the Director

I am excited that you are interested in our Transitional Year Program!  It has been around for over 50 years and many of the TY graduates have returned to Spokane after their specialty training because of their one-year experience here.  They all want to come back to Spokane.

Our goal is to give you a strong foundation in basic clinical medicine with opportunities to explore your specialty.  Equally important is our focus on wellbeing during your brief year here.  You will be with a group of residents that have a reputation for clinical excellence and build a strong community of your peers before you go on to your chosen specialty that will last you for life.   Our TY’s are invested in this program and have a huge say in our interview process; They want to leave the legacy intact.   

TY’s also become well acquainted with our other resident colleagues, core faculty and community mentors. We work closely with our other residencies partnering together for diversity education, research, wellness, QI, and patient care.  With 3 regional medical schools, we are offered many opportunities for further education and research.

Our medical community is cutting edge and takes care of a diverse population group, reflecting the impact of having a tertiary care center that is one of the largest hospitals in the Northwest and over 800 specialists.

Spokane in the summertime cannot be beat, with 76 lakes nearby and activities such as Bloomsday and Hoopfest.  There are hiking and biking trails with a total of over 4,000 miles running through the area. In the winter, the surrounding mountains are available for skiing and hiking, all within a few hours from the city. 

Our TY program excels because of our residents.  If you want to be part of a vibrant community, consider Spokane.

 Judy Swanson MD FACP

Transitional Year Program Director

Judy Swanson, MD

Judy Swanson, MD

Program Director

Judy Swanson MD FACP went to University of Washington Medical School and did her residency in internal medicine at the Internal Medicine Residency Spokane.  She has stayed on as faculty and was also the Internal Medicine Clerkship Director for Spokane.  Previously also the Spokane Assistant Clinical Dean for the UWSOM/GU Partnership, she has now stepped into the role of Transitional Residency Program Director at the STHC.  Her interests include focused oral case presentations, The Art of Clinical Observation in the Medical Humanities, Feedback and how to study for Board Exams.

She enjoys walking, biking, and lap swimming along with cartooning.

Our Mission

To train superb physicians an academic community based program that cares for all with dignity and respect, especially the poor and vulnerable. We pride ourselves in preparing physicians in a collegial and supportive environment rich in clinical experiences that provide a foundation in medicine and life-long learning that will be carried into their respective fields of practice. A work life balance is valued and emphasized, and the Pacific Northwest provides a unique setting for learning while offering a variety of opportunities to maintain authenticity of mind, body, and spirit.

Program Aims

  • The TY program follows the TY resident’s specialty and aligns to the specialty requirements for a TY year as defined by the ACGME
  • TY residents should complete this program having demonstrated  clinical competency as evidenced by the Milestones.
  • TY residents should have a chance to explore specialties with a diverse elective experience.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Spokane Teaching Health, a sponsor of graduate medical education programs in the Inland Northwest, believes that diversity of ideas and experiences is integral to our educational and clinical missions. Diversity enhances creativity and thoughtfulness in our mission and serves as a catalyst for change which will ultimately lead to better solutions to the healthcare needs of the populations we serve. To that end, we are committed to fostering diverse perspectives. We recognize that individuals’ perspectives are shaped by a host of factors, such as their race, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, age, socioeconomic status, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, familial status, education, religion, legal status, military service, political affiliation, geography, and other personal and professional experiences.

We know that the presence of diverse perspectives alone is not sufficient. Therefore, we also are committed to creating inclusive environments where all individuals are encouraged to share their perspectives and experiences. We believe that only through valuing our differences and similarities, and remaining vigilant in advancing equity, will we be able to maintain an equitable workplace and actively pursue equity in all aspects of our work. We commit to being continuous learners and working alongside others to cultivate equity, diversity, and inclusion.

See what our residents think…

I couldn’t have asked for a better internship year filled with fun, new friendships, a well-balanced curriculum, and electives to customize my learning experience giving me the confidence of a well-rounded physician and a future ophthalmologist.

I have lived my entire life up until this year in Oklahoma, and I didn’t know anyone in town when I arrived here. In less than a year, I have made friends that will last much, much longer. Spokane will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m considering coming back after residency. I’m hesitant to tell too many people or else the word might get out, but this town is a hidden gem!

Great residency program. Felt like I got a very well-rounded education. All the faculty felt were very engaged in my education and truly cared about my overall well-being as a physician.

Great program. The program director takes close care to ensure residents have needs met, that rotations are proceeding with adequate opportunities and residents feel well supported. The overall hospital staff, attending physicians and culture at this program promote interns to become great clinicians. In talking with friends in programs all of the country — more could be like this.

The Transitional Year Program is very well supported by its amazing Program Director and Coordinator. Resident’s feel very supported, and if they have any concerns, they know they will be appropriately addressed. The hospital facilities are accommodating and clean, as well as readily accessible. This year provides resident’s with diverse experiences for rotations that is invaluable for their future careers.

This year afforded me the autonomy and freedom to grow clinically, personally, and professionally. I could not ask for a better internship to prepare me for a radiology career, and who could ask for a better setting than in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The required and elective rotations are the right amount of challenging to stimulate growth, but not overbearing and burdensome … And not to mention there are literally endless things to do in Spokane. This is a place I will always come back to!”

I had an incredible experience at the STHC TY. I developed good medical knowledge and had the chance to rotate on many different services. This helped me understand hospital logistics and the life of a primary team member in much more detail. I will hold onto these lessons as a consultant in the future.

Excellent TY with a perfect balance of rigorous training and customization. I gained great experience in a broad array of areas of medicine while also getting the opportunity to focus on areas that were useful to my future specialty.

So happy I put this #1 and came here. Was an amazing learning experience.

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Jodie Brierley

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