Resident, Faculty, and Staff Well-Being

Psychological, emotional, and physical well-being are critical in the development of the competent, caring, and resilient physician and require proactive attention to life inside and outside of medicine.  Spokane Teaching Health Center is committed to the health and well-being of our residents, fellows, faculty, and staff through the work of our Well Being Committee.  

STHC and Providence residency programs work collaboratively to develop creative solutions to promote resident, faculty, and staff well-being in the following areas:


Enhancing Meaning

Work Hour Flexibility 

Solutions for EHR Inefficiency

Well Being Resources

Hiking In Spokane
Spokane Washington River
Live Music In Spokane
Skiing In Spokane
Hiking Around Spokane

Physical Well Being

*STHC has an on-site fitness facility available to residents, faculty, and staff.  Please click the link above to fill out the waiver prior to your first workout.

Mental Health and Well Being

Residents, faculty, and residency program staff have access to free virtual congnitive behavioral therapy services.  Check out this Silvercloud GME workflow guide or the link below to access this service.

Concerts near Spokane

Photo by Daniel from Calgary, Canada – The Gorge Amphitheatre

Manito Park in Spokane

Benefits and Discounts

STHC residents are Providence employees and have access to a variety of benefits and service discounts.  Check out your benefits portals below to see the most up to date deals!

Well Being Committee Work

Mountain Biker
Concert in Spokane
Park in Spokane
Silverwood Theme Park

2020-2021 Well Being Committee Members

Molly Gilbert, Co-Chair                                          Robert Zarajczyk

Bob Maurer, Co-Chair                                                    Kelsie Smith

Stuti Nagpal                                                                    Ashley Gaing

Bill Quach                                                                  David Malekooti

Steven Hoang                                                          William Lehecka

Michelle McKay                                                           Hazel Brogdon

Mia Wright                                                                           Amy Burns

Benjamin Mitchell                                                              Lisa Morris

Samuel Logan                                                             Kyra McComas

Timothy Hayes                                                                George Keng

Carmen McDermott                                            Ariana Kamaliazad

Tiffany Fernandez-Neel                                            Jeremy Stevens

Jenna Speltz