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The “New Normal”

Sep 24, 2020

“New Normal”, “We are all in this together”.  Phrases like these dominate the news cycle, commercials, facebook ads, memes, you name it.  Encouraging at first, it’s a daily reminder that life as we all knew it ended about six months ago.  We now find ourselves in a world of masks required, social distancing and excessive hand sanitization.  

At a parent-teacher meet and greet the other day my son’s 7th grade advisory teacher asked for grace.  Why? Because they are all first-year teachers this year trying to navigate the world of online learning. It occurred to me that our program directors, faculty, and residents must feel the same way as we are all learning how to navigate the world of virtual interviewing.

As many school teachers probably experienced anxiety around online school, we too are experiencing anxiety around virtual interviews for next years residents.  How do we showcase the things that make Spokane unique? Will someone really get the feel of for our programs if they aren’t here to experience it? Will I be able to maintain my “business on the top, casual on the bottom” wardrobe that I’ve been sporting for the hundreds of Zoom, Teams, or Skype calls I’ve done over the last six months? 

I think all programs can agree – virtual interviewing is not ideal for anyone. Yet I remain impressed by the commitment of our faculty and residents to make the best of what COVID has handed us. Engagement in creation of an updated website, coupled with some fun videos highlighting the programs, we are well positioned to put our best foot forward and attract well qualified residents. To end I will add my own tagline – “We Got This”.


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