Family Medicine – Spokane

Where We Are

Family Medicine Residency Spokane is located in downtown Spokane, Washington. From our inception, we have enjoyed an outstanding level of support from our geographic, medical, and economic community.

Who We Are

We feel that we offer the best of both worlds: a strong academic presence by the University of Washington, Washington State University and surrounding medical schools as well as an abundance of clinical opportunities within our community. We are extremely fortunate to have dedicated faculty and staff, who optimize the education of our resident physicians.

Our Patients

Urban, suburban, and rural population, including Medicaid and Medicare patients, some private insurance, and sliding-scale fee-for-service.

The Rural Experience

Given the large rural area surrounding our moderately-sized city, we enjoy significant rural patient and practice exposure. Each of our residents rotates at least one month at our site in Colville, WA, a point of enhanced learning that strengthens breadth.

Obstetrics with Flexibility

Our program offers the flexibility for a more enhanced and hands-on obstetrics experience that is well beyond what most programs can offer. Our OB Track residents get high numbers of deliveries and experience with C-sections. The Obstetrics Fellowship provides additional training in surgical OB for those who seek it.


We use Epic at all clinical and hospital sites, which is integrated across Spokane’s network of hospitals, laboratory, and imaging centers. The University of Washington Network provides access to Healthlinks, an extensive electronic tool providing resources such as Dynamed, UpToDate, and much more.


We are committed to equity for our residents, our patients, and our community. We seek to recognize the diverse background of each person, acknowledge inequities, and strive to partner with our patients and community to pursue justice.


Our Facilities

Our clinic is located at the Spokane Teaching Health Clinic, a facility with onsite laboratory services, pharmacy, social work, and counseling resources. Most of our hospital work is at nearby Sacred Heart Medical Center including inpatient, obstetric, and inpatient pediatrics rotations. Sacred Heart Medical Center is the largest tertiary hospital in the Northwest with over 600 beds. Some additional training takes place in nearby community outpatient sites. The hospital has resident call rooms and multiple doctor and resident lounges. Cafeteria food is good, with many choices… and free while on duty! There are also three Thomas Hammer Coffee stands located in Sacred Heart Medical Center.


We collaborate closely with the Spokane Internal Medicine Residency, Psychiatry Residency, and Pediatrics Residency in multiple areas from hospital teamwork to clinic precepting to didactic lectures. We truly value the presence of our colleagues from other specialties and the collaboration (never competition!) enhances our education rather than detracts from it.  In addition, we enjoy having medical students from nearby medical schools join us for inpatient and outpatient experiences.

Contact Us

Diane Borgwardt

Program Coordinator

Family Medicine Residency

624 E. Front Avenue

Spokane, WA  99202

Phone: 509-626-9900