Internal Medicine

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UW Health Sciences Library

IMRS is an affiliated residency program of the University Of Washington School Of Medicine and, thus, we have access to the school’s online medical information resources.


  • Up-To-Date and Dynamed
  • Textbooks
  • Full text journals
  • Many others

Simulation Lab

The simulation lab on the PSHMC campus enables medical staff and students to experience lifelike medical situations through use of robotic mannequins.

The lab is a large space that includes a room for task trainers, an ICU bay and OR in addition to classroom space.


  • Provide collaborative, team-based training for in-house code teams
  • Practice managing emergent and life-threatening conditions in a safe, controlled learning environment
  • Use sophisticated, high-tech human patient simulators to provide the learner with a more realistic experience
    • Manikins include infants, children, pregnant moms and life-like adults
    • Training scenarios can be pre-programmed into the manikins and customized to the level of the learner and repeated as needed for a consistent, quality educational experience
    • High-risk procedures can be practiced repeatedly using task trainers (LP model, thorax for thoracentesis, Central line manikin)


In preparation for the ABIM exam, starting in the R2 year, senior residents receive access to MKSAP and are assigned an exam to complete for each rotation.

Residency Blog

Our residency maintains an active blog with a repository of clinical information. It also includes program news, conference schedules, manuals and links to on call schedules and other critical programs or apps.

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